Maintenance for Your Generac Generator

Just like any other equipment with a motor your generator needs yearly maintenance to keep it running and lengthen its lifespan. Think of oil changes for your car or lawnmower - when your power is out, the generator runs continuously for what can be days at a time to keep your lights, appliances and other important components in your home functional.  Failure to complete regular maintenance will not only void your warranty, you may not have a properly functioning generator when you need it most.

At PowerOn Generators we help give you peace of mind knowing your Generac generator will work when it’s supposed to. Although our trained technicians can provide maintenance on most types of generators, if you have a Generac generator we protect your investment with genuine Generac parts. You've paid a lot for a quality generator that will keep power on for your family, let us perform the regular maintenance to avoid shortening the lifespan of your investment.

Generac Generator Maintenance Technicians

It is important to perform Maintenance as specified in the Service Schedule for proper generator operation and to ensure that the generator complies with the applicable emission standards for the duration of its useful life. Using our Generac technicians to provide service and repairs ensure critical maintenance  is not overlooked and is performed as scheduled in order for the Emissions Warranty to be valid. Emissions critical maintenance consists of servicing the air filter and spark plugs in accordance with the Service Schedule. The controller will prompt for Schedule A or Schedule B maintenance to be performed. Schedule A maintenance consists of the oil, oil filter and tune-up. Schedule B maintenance includes the oil, oil filter, tune-up, air cleaner, spark plug(s) and valve clearance.

Our Generac generator technicians perform the recommended maintenance including the following engine oil maintenance:

Checking Engine Oil Level

When power outages necessitate running the generator for extended periods, the oil level should be checked daily.

Engine Oil Recommendations

To maintain the warranty, genuine Generac replacement parts MUST be used, including Generac oil kits (which include an oil and air filter).

Changing the Oil and Oil Filter

Any attempt to crank or start the engine before it has been properly serviced with the recommended oil may result in an engine failure.


Our Generac generator technicians perform the recommended maintenance including the following maintenance on the engine components and other mechanics

Changing the Engine Air Cleaner

Changing the air filter on your Generac generator will keep it reliable when you need power most.

Checking and Replacing Spark Plugs

Checking the condition of each spark plug, cleaning the area around the spark plugs, removing dirt and debris, changing out any worn or questionable spark plugs and making any necessary spark plug gap adjustments are all parts of recommended maintenance for your Generac generator to operate at its best

Battery and Cable Maintenance

When coming out to perform maintenance on your Generac generator, our technicians inspect your battery and all cables including battery posts - looking for tightness and corrosion, cleaning as necessary and replacing when justified.

A substantial portion of the Generac generator technician's maintenance call is testing the generator and inspecting its components. Including:

Checking Battery Charge

Our technician ensures the battery is operational and notes the age of the battery in order to predict replacement - you never want to find out you need a new battery in your generator after you've lost power and the generator isn't kicking-in. regular maintenance keeps that from happening.

General Inspection

Checking air filter, fluid, cables and terminals. Running checks on fuel pressure, hertz and volts. Starting up the generator to inspect noise, vibration and running temperature . Can include a full cycle run to monitor transfer and cool down.

General Cleaning

Depending on the type of maintenance requested and recommended our technicians can also regularly wash and protect the generator from corrosion with a protective wash.



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