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If your Generac generator doesn't start during a maintenance check, or it isn't working during a power outage, the generator experts of PowerOn Generators will be there to troubleshoot, repair your generator and help file a warranty claim if you have registered your Generac generator with the manufacturer. If you purchased your generator through PowerOn, the process is efficient and hassle-free. If you purchased your generator from another Generac Dealer in the Cleveland area, we would still be happy to earn your business. And if you need generator repairs to a standby generator other than a Generac, our technicians are trained and experienced in repairing generators of all the major manufacturers.

Generator Technicians in Cleveland Area

Whether you purchased your Generac generator from a big box store, like a Home Depot or a Lowes, or you bought your generator from a Cleveland Generac dealer that does not specialize in repairs, we understand that there may come a time when you need that generator to fire-on and it is not cooperating. Unfortunately, this is the worst way of finding out your generator isn't working. As a Generac dealer and provider of maintenance and repairs to Generac generators, our generator technicians highly recommend a regular maintenance program for your generator that includes testing and inspection to avoid the need for major repairs.

PowerOn Generator, a Generac dealer in Avon Lake, Ohio specializes in Generator sales, installation and generator services including maintenance and repairs. Contact us for a free quote and have your generator information handy. Knowing the type of generator, fuel source and as much information as you can provide will permit us to give you the most accurate quote for your generator repairs.

Common Generator Repair Calls:

In the Cleveland Ohio area market we see less arctic air and salt corrosion that can be common in coastal areas and in more extreme temperatures but we have our fair share of excruciating cold weather - which is not the time you want to be repairing your generator. Preventative maintenance before the winter storms, lake effect snow and sub zero temps head to Cleveland is the best way to avoid expensive repairs to your generator at inopportune times. Some common repairs to generators that will be prevented with a maintenance call include:

  • Dead batteries
  • Broken belts
  • Clogged fuel filter or lines
  • Worn components
  • Damage by pests
  • Wear and tear on major parts like the block heater
  • Overheating, cracked heads, broken pistons
  • Engine failure from low coolant or oil
  • Not starting from damaged spark plugs or clogged carburetor
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Taking the Mystery out of Backup Generators for Your Home. When the power goes out for your neighbors, keep your family plugged-in with a Generac generator from PowerOn Generators. An automatic backup generator, also called a whole house generator, can

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Automatic Backup Power for Your Small Business At PowerOn Generators we sell, install and service many Generac generators used to power small businesses in the greater Cleveland area. If you have a small retail shop, café or office space one

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